Is Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi A Horatio Alger Character Or globalism Incarnate?

It is rare that we hear, today, of anyone transcending class. Although the American mythos relies heavily on the idea that any coal miner’s daughter can one day become CEO of the largest firm, the reality is that such cases are vanishingly rare. It is, therefore, quite remarkable and inspiring when we actually see real life cases of people who have utterly transcended their class roots, becoming incarnate versions of the American Dream.

But this dream, of course, is not just limited to America. Everywhere across the globe, smart people cling to the notion that they, too, may someday be able to reach the heights of power, through sheer determination and hard work. The truth is that, in today’s globalized world, the castes of societies across the planet are growing ever more rigid and impenetrable, making it ever more difficult for any person to actually make the mythical journey from rags to riches.

But the idea that such a transformation is possible is still heavily marketed. This is not in small part due to the fact that, like the dreamer who convinces himself that the lottery tickets he buys will someday, somehow pay off, the intelligent and the productive likewise have internal narratives that they tell themselves to justify the significant portions of their lives that they put in at dreary and menial jobs. Without the hope that they, too, may someday be CEO of the widget factory where they work, the grinding sense of ennui may overwhelm them and cause them to turn off and drop out of the global workforce.

It is, therefore, necessary for the powers that be to remind the worker drone class of the real possibility of ascension of the highest ranks of society, no matter how lowly the worker of meaningless the job. But so often, we see, upon closer inspection, that the rags-to-riches stories offered often involve exceptions that prove the rule, that rule being that modern globalist castes are largely permanent and inviolable.

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Trabuco crosses the bridge then promptly burns it down

In land warfare, the burning of bridges is a stalwart and effective tactic. A retreating army has no greater ally than a bridge that it can use then promptly deny its use to its enemy. However, when this tactic starts being applied to the economies of nations, the results can be disastrous.

According to, Trabuco himself was able to take advantage of a number of circumstances that were once highly beneficial to the lower middle class. First, he was hired on as an 18 year old kid with nothing more than a high school diploma. Second, he was consistently promoted up the ranks, hired again and again by his superiors, eventually reaching executive-level posts. Third, he was able to get his employer to work around his college schedule in University of Sao Paolo and even pay for some of the courses, which eventually resulted in his ability to complete an advanced degree.

Yet as a high-level executive, Trabuco quickly moved to permanently reverse these opportunities for all future employees at Bradesco. He began professionalizing human resources, requiring college degrees even for entry-level positions or heavily favoring those candidates that had them.

He also completely scrapped the old Bradesco policy of recruiting from within the firm. Under Trabuco’s watch, almost all of the upper management staff that Bradesco has recruited have been from outside the firm, a move that has not set well with the bank’s loyal employees.

In short, as a result of the changes Trabuco has made, most of which are textbook moves of the die-hard globalist, Trabuco has made it essentially impossible for someone in the same position he was in when he was 18 to even get an interview, much less be promoted up the ranks.

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Lifeline Screening Prepare Yourself for Health Screening with these Tips

Many factors work together to lead a healthy and fit life. One needs to exercise regularly, eat healthy, sleep peacefully, and stay stress-free. However, most of the people on the planet are not able to work on all these factors and thus, sooner or later, face health issues. In many cases, the health problems that people face remain hidden for a long time as the symptoms go unnoticed or uncared for a long time. People often feel that minor symptoms like a headache, dizziness, fatigue, sleeplessness, stomach ache, and so on, are just day to day affair, and don’t need expert medical care. However, you never know that one of these symptoms might be coming from a major health issue or disease that might have been developing in your body. If any of these or other health concerns persist for a long time, make sure that you consult with your physician immediately.

The best way to avoid such a situation to arise is by going for a health screening at a regular interval. One of the leading health screening service providers in the United Kingdom and the United States is Lifeline Screening. The company was established in the year 1993 with the aim to provide the people with the means to get comprehensive health care screening under one banner. The company employs health screening and medical experts from the pharmaceutical industry with years of experience to ensure that the service provided to the people is nothing short of extraordinary yet economical. Over the years, millions of people have used the services of Lifeline Screening have been greatly helped with their medical discourse through the screening results provided. Health screenings assist in detecting diseases, getting rid of anxiety, and ensuring that everything in your body is in order or if there are health concerns that need to be addressed medically.

If you are going for health screening at Lifeline Screening, make sure to wear light and comfortable clothes and have a light meal four hours before the screening. Some of the screenings may require you to fast for a minimum of 12 hours, and in such cases, the representatives at Lifeline Screening would inform you about it. Women must refrain from wearing pantyhose or multi-layered clothing as it can be a hassle during the testing. Also, as most of the screenings are painless and non-invasive, there is nothing to be worried. So, stay calm and composed during the screening.

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Justice Prevailed for Protecting Freedom of Speech Resulting in Lacey and Larkin Foundation

While there are many journalists who go about their duties without any provocation, on October 18, 2007 Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin faced a completely different experience. That was the day that not only caused a great amount of fear for their professional lives as journalists, but also as Americans for their freedom of speech. After being violently removed from their Phoenix homes, the two were handcuffed and arrested on the orders of then Sheriff Joe Arpaio which was carried out by the Selective Enforcement Unit.


Michael and Jim were transported to separate county jails- both jails were under the authority of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. It was at that time the two Village Voice Media executives began to understand the underlying intent of the order, and the reason for their undeniable illegal arrest. During the justified reporting by the Phoenix News Times of Sheriff Arpaio’s mishandling and mistreatment of immigrants within Arizona, the Sheriff became increasingly outraged by the newspaper. The newspaper uncovered rampant abuse, deaths of inmates, racial profiling, and the alleged unconstitutional detaining of Latino’s within Arizona; all under the direction of Arpaio. Additionally, the newspaper reported documented proof of financial irregularities and extensive mismanagement by the Sheriff’s office.


The arrest of Michael and Jim came at a time when the Phoenix News Times had just released a cover story outlining the details of how the Sheriff’s department, and its allies within the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, used intimidation tactics by issuing a grand jury subpoena requesting details about the newspaper’s reporters, editors and readers, even including the browsing history and IP addresses of readers. Rather than succumb to the illegal tactics, Michael and Jim stood by their freedom of speech rights and continued to write about the failings within the Sheriff’s department.


The Phoenix communities became outraged by the arrests of the two highly-respected journalists and within 24 hours they were both released from county jail and all charges were immediately dropped. Michael and Jim decided to fight the Maricopa County for their First Amendment rights. The case ultimately reached the Nineth Court of Appeals in 2012. Subsequently, the court determined that the actions taken by Maricopa County and Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office amounted to a “direct assault” on their First Amendment rights.


In 2013, Michael and Jim reached a settlement of $3.75 million with Maricopa County and used the funds to found the Lacey and Larkin Foundation.Front

Fabletics as the Brand with the Power of the Crowd

There are specific aspects that consumers look for before purchasing something especially, online. Those elements like the reviews from the group do matter. It is what draws them to the product. One such brand that has moved the market and is doing its e-commerce well is Fabletics. It is an American online subscription merchandiser, which sells lady’s sportswear and accessories also known as athleisure. Being best known for their e-commerce business, they offer its members a wide range of outfits about client’s preferences no matter the size.

Fabletics got officially launched on October 1, 2013, with its founders Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson overseeing its success step by step. Later in June 2015, they went to another level where they extended the business to cover men’s active wear line.

Having known what Fabletics is all about, it is paramount to comprehend what makes it stand out among other brands and that is embracing the user reviews. Call it the review-centric marketing strategies. Here, consumer reviews directly drive three things. They are improved customer acquisition, enhanced loyalty, and client retention for brands across all industries.

Then, how is Fabletics leveraging the power of the crowd? For them, it is imperative to trust consumer reviews. Users mean a lot to digital lives so, because of this they conduct extensive research before purchasing something, therefore; if one suggests something to be corrected they put it into consideration. That is what Fabletics has embraced, and it is indeed working. They trust in clients reviews, respond to them, and as a result, more positive reviews are yielded leading to the acquisition of more customers. As they believe, for them to leverage the power of the crowd, they go with the mantra that terrible reviews yield high revenue or power. With that, they have become conquerors.

Kate Hudson is one of the founders of this brand; she also has contributed a lot towards propelling the success of Fabletics. For her, the passion she had on this business to venture was the fundamental drive towards working so hard to see her dreams in Fabletics come true. According to her, the brand is doing so well because they accommodate everyone not only regarding affordable cost but also in the sense of different sizes. So, for her, athleisure is winning because of its uniqueness and how they relate to the client’s needs.

Fabletics stand for something amazing, and that is encouraging people out there especially women to go beyond their comfort zones, do something to make them feel better in their skin. Regardless of age, the company has something for everyone. Clearly, from all that has been mentioned, it is evident why this brand is the preferred one. Also, why it has taken the market by a storm, and it is evidently not going to disappear anytime soon.

Ordering a Fabletics gear is not hard. Only go online to their website or social media pages. Also, before you order directly take the lifestyle quiz to be in a position to quickly identify what catches your interest.

Leonardo DiCaprio Invests in Livio Bisterzo’s Hippeas

Actor Leonardo Di Caprio made an investment in an Italian, vegan start up called Hippeas.

A brand of chickpea puffs, a healthy snack enjoyed made from USDA non-GMO, certified organic garbanzo beans. The brand promises that this new snack is better for you and is available in 5 mouth watering flavors: Vegan White Cheddar, Sriracha Sunshine, Far Out Fajita, Pepper Power, and Bohemian Barbecue. Hippeas have an ample amount of protein and fiber, they are gluten free, kosher and vegan. The snacks are currently being sold in over 200,000 stores in Britain and the United States. These stores include super coffee giant Starbucks.

Livio Bisterzo is the CEO and the cofounder of Hippeas. He responds to the news of partnering with Leonardo Di Caprio by saying that “it is incredible to bring on board partners who align with our vision and values as a company. We are very enthusiastic to be sharing in this journey with them.” Di Caprio is no stranger to advocating for healthy food and sustainable farming practices. He lead Barack Obama’s presidential committee on climate change and has also made several documentaries that chronicle what happens to the world’s agricultural resources when we do not take care of Mother Earth.

Live Bisterzo, like Leonardo Di Caprio, also cares about the world’s agricultural resources and the sustainability of these resources specifically on the continent of Africa. He has become a philanthropist and has partnered with the charity, Farm Africa. Farm Africa’s mission is to end hunger in East Africa. The charity also vows to bring wealth into this region as well. Bizterzo’s company has pledged to donate a portion of its profits from each bag of Hippeas sold to support farmers growing chickpeas in east Africa. They are hoping that their charitable donation will help alleviate the poverty experienced by these farmers. They want to help the farmers and their families to be able to live a more prosperous and fulfilling life.

Why Logan Stout is a Business Leader in Texas and America

Many Americans may recognize Logan Stout for his exceptional performance in the World Series both as a coach and as a player. However, Stout is also a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and author. Stout authored a book titled “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams!” He often travels the world giving motivational talks; he has partnered with John C. Maxwell to motivate youth across America and the world on important topics such as leadership.

Although Stout has started over ten companies in his lifetime, he is presently focused on IDLife; a customized nutrition company he founded in 2014. Stout is passionate about helping people attain their health goals which are necessary for peak personal and professional performance. IDLife is four years old, but Stout has made it appear among 100 leading multi-level marketing companies around the globe. IDLife has successfully provided customized nutrition to thousands of its members. Stout is always improving the services offered by IDLife. Recently, IDLife partnered with Garmin to improve customers’ experience with regards to personalized nutrition.

Stout’s passion for sports developed in high school. He attended J.J. Pearce High School in Richardson, TX where he joined the school’s Student Athletic Council. Also, he participated in junior and senior basketball games and was recognized as the most valuable player (MVP). Stout went on to be a professional baseball player.

As a professional baseball player, Stout recognized the challenges that young players go through in an attempt to become professional baseball players. He established Dallas Patriots baseball organization, and he is the serving CEO of the organization. The organization has exceptional instructors, coaches, trainers, and mentors tasked with assisting young (six to 18 years) baseball enthusiasts to become professional players. The organization has received recognition for its efforts as many graduates from the organization end-up being active baseball players.

Stout is married to Haley, and together they have two sons. The family resides in Frisco, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Stout are patrons and honorary chairs of some organizations such the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County and the American Heart Association of North Texas.

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Adam Milstein Continues To Mobilize Pro-Israeli Philanthropic Groups towards the Upholding Jewish Heritage

Adam Milstein’s investment record in America’s real estate industry speaks for itself. As the head of Hager Pacific Properties, he manages properties estimated to be worth more than $2 billion that makes him one of the iconic figures in the industry. An Israeli by birth, Adam Milstein has made it a priority to help Americans of Jewish origin both in their social, economic, and even in their political life. Saying that Adam is the top Jewish-American philanthropist cannot be far from the truth, particularly because of the foundations he has put in place that concentrate solely on doing philanthropic duties. One of such foundations is the Adam Family Foundation, which he co-founded and co-manages with his wife, Gila.

The Adam and Gila Family Foundation

Through Adam and Gila Family Foundation, Adam and Gila Milstein have both put in a lot of energy and resources in trying to prevent the Jewish culture from eroding amongst Jewish kids born in the diaspora. The foundation buys and distributes books with Jewish content to these kids, and this has helped them in learning some valuable Jewish heritage as well as appreciating that their culture is not inferior to that of Native Americans.Politically and economically speaking, Adam Milstein has been at the center stage of negotiations regarding fostering long-lasting diplomatic and trading ties between the USA and Israel. He established the Israeli-American Council through which the voice of Israelis living in America is pronounced and heard by the relevant authorities. Milstein has also been very vocal in condemning racism and other forms of immigrants’ discrimination and human rights violation.

Helping Other Organizations

Having been an IDF soldier back in Israel, and having been involved in the Yom Kippur War, Adam Milstein feels so emotionally attached to his motherland. This explains why besides setting up philanthropic programs of his own, he is always ready to lend a helping hand to other philanthropic organizations that call upon him for help. He supports them not only financially but also shares with them the wisdom that he has managed to accumulate over the years. Through his Adam Milstein Podcast, he gives pro-Israeli advocacy groups a platform on which their voice can reach a wide audience.

How Whitney Wolfe Became a Leader and Why She Will Not Sell Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is taking the lead when it comes to building a much better platform for dating and general social media conversations. She has created a very successful company with Bumble, and this has allowed her to become one of the most successful people in the business of apps.

Whitney Wolfe has proven that she can control her own company and do things in her own way. She did not want to have her company purchased by someone else. It seems like a very hard thing to turn down the sum of $450 million dollars, but Whitney Wolfe knows that her company is going to be worth so much more. Wolfe knows that she is at the ground level of breaking ground in a company that could become a household name.

Whitney Wolfe is not ready to let go of her ownership of Bumblebee beacause she knows that she can penetrate the social media world. She has already become the company that is sitting at the top when it comes to dating. This app could also transform other areas like social networking and friendship building online.

Whitney Wolfe is already working towards doing this, and that is why it does not make sense for her to take a buyout. She knows that there is a vision that she wants to achieve. She has a desire to do things with Bumble that she believes other people would not accomplish. She believes this because she is on a mission to change social media.

Whitney does not want to be someone that simply subscribes to doing what everyone else is doing. She did not want to be a follower in anyway. Whitney Wolfe wanted to be a leader, and she wanted to take chances and make changes. That is what she has done with Bumble, and that is what she continues to do. It appears that she is taking the lead in a very dramatic way by creating what she has called a feminist dating app. This is a conversation starter that begs people to listen to the creative mind of Whitney Wolfe.

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Gregory Aziz- Founder of Well-Respected North American Railroad Company

Gregory James Aziz has been the CEO, President, and Chairman of National Steel Car for over 20 years. Aziz also serves as the CEO and chairman of National Industries, Inc. National Steel Car is a subordinate company of National Industries. In 1994, he purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco. Aziz was born on April 30, 1949 in London, Ontario. He studied economics at the University of Western Ontario. Before attending the University of Western Ontario, Aziz went to Ridley College.

Greg’s family owned a business, Affiliated Foods. So, he became part of his family’s business in 1971. Within 60 years, Affiliated Foods imported fresh foods from Europe, Central, and South America. This imports were distributed to every big fresh food wholesale market in the U.S. and Eastern Canada. Throughout the late 80’s and early 90’s, Gregory Aziz has held various roles in investment banking.

National Steel Car, a previously great company in Canada, turned into one of the world’s top railroad freight car manufacturers. The headquarters of National Steel Car are in Hamilton, Ontario. The company was established in 1912. The original name of the National Steel Car company was Imperial Car Company. Greg J Aziz placed emphasis on the use of financial and human resources, engineering strengths and group formation so he could meet the production goals for his company. For example, he increased the number of employees from 600 to 3,000. Also, production went up from 3,500 cars to 12,000 cars annually. National Steel Car is the potash car supplier for Canpotex. Since 1996, National Steel Car has received the TTX SECO highest quality award. National Steel Car is the only railroad freight car manufacturer in North America with the ISO 9001: 2008 certification. Customer loyalty is the focus of National Steel Car as it is committed to building relationships.

National Steel Car has been a sponsor for Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, the Salvation Army, and many other charities within the Hamilton community. It hold a food drive and a Christmas party each year. Greg along with his wife Irene support the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, the most famous agricultural fair in Canada.



Rocketship Education’s CEO Preston Smith Picked Up on a Number of Lessons Throughout the Organization’s Initial Ten Years

Rocketship Education is a line of public charter schools throughout the United States, ranging from California to Washington DC to Milwaukee. Preston Smith founded Rocketship Education ten years ago, in a small town situated on the Golden State’s Bay Area, ripe with innovation and organizational success. In Smith’s first decade of operating this thriving chain of schools, he experienced incalculable struggles that yielded educationally luxurious values – here’s just a handful of them.

Despite parents not being directly involved in the classroom, they yield invaluable input and service to their students’ educators. At Rocketship, parents interview new teaching candidates, they give feedback on their children’s instructors at least once every month, and allow teachers to visit their homes to better form custom learning outlines to each and every student.

It’s true that most public schools are exceeded in test scores, enrollment rates, and overall education provided by private schools. As private schools require families to pay tuition to enroll students, they’re inherently privy to far more resources than publicly-funded institutions are. However, it’s important for students and their respective families to exhibit pride in attending public schools, particularly those with high-quality learning experiences such as Rocketship Education.

Further, in increasing standards of take-home education public schools provide, parents should enroll their children in the most reputable schools possible, even if it means relocation. This encourages school boards to up the ante in relation to quality of education, as simply speaking out against school board members simply isn’t sufficient for causing educational quality to rise.

One of Rocketship Education’s key components to instructional success is involving parents in several aspects of administration and learning. Spread across 18 locations in the contiguous 48 states of America, every one of Rocketship’s facilities is nestled deeply in low-income areas. Charter schools, those that take in private financiers’ funding in conjunction with educational grants from government agencies, aren’t popular for providing such valuable assistance to children in areas filled with high to the brim with poverty. Part of CEO Preston Smith’s main goals is to help these students succeed by offering superb public education in socioeconomically-struggling neighborhoods.