Doe Deere: Makeup’s Fresh Face

Doe Deere, founder and visionary behind Lime Crime makeup, is anything but your typical fashion empire tycoon. While other makeup brands focus on the concealing and contouring powers of their products, Deere has taken a wildly different approach to her products and to her marketing. Rather than focusing on what makeup can cover, Lime Crime products seem to focus on what they can accentuate and express. The unique line is incredibly colorful and cruelty-free, leaving customers feeling empowered and excited about their cosmetics.

The excitement, sincerity, and integrity that Lime Crime was created with extends throughout every aspect of the business. Being an entrepreneur is no easy undertaking, particularly when you encounter resistance from those currently involved in your chosen field. Doe Deere was no exceptions to these challenges. When it was revealed that she intended to sell lipstick online, there were many who said that it would never work because people want to try see their lipstick before they buy it. Deere’s reaction was not to comply to the norms, but rather to be innovative and risky. Lime Crime pioneered something referred to as the “on-lip lipstick swatch”. This shows the lip color on a pair of lips rather than simply showing the color on a blank piece of paper. What was originally an obstacle to sales became an ingenious industry invention that is used by major makeup companies around the world.

Doe Deere’s dedication to her customers and the quality of her products extends goes further than new methods of presentations. In fact, she insists on trying out all developing products so that she can truly experience what the customer will. This allows her to give a first hand critique of her own products before they ever reach a Lime Crime customer, thus ensuring that each product meets Deere’s high standards. Her dedication and commitment to her products, even in the initial developmental phases, inspires trust and confidence in her clients.

The inspiration behind Lime Crime is synonymous with the person behind the brand. Doe Deere has been a do-it-yourself kind of person from the very beginning and has brought that attitude with her throughout her work. The entire reason Lime Crime exists is because Deere was trying to solve her own problems. Instead of sitting around moping about the lack of color and vibrancy in the cosmetic world, Deere decided to solve the problem by creating the kind of enthusiastic and exciting makeup she herself would want to wear. She kicked down the door of the makeup world with saturated pigments and bright colors, believing that the right makeup could make you feel good enough to be the center of attention.

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Doe Deere’s Rise to Stardom

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the colorful cosmetic line Lime Crime. Lime Crime is an online company that offers cosmetics that are a step outside the norm. They offer intensely vivid, bold and pigmented products (none that involve animal testing) that allow people to look the way the feel. Doe was born in Russia, but grew up in New York City. Her goal with the company is to produce a product that allows freedom and self-expression. The name of her company came from a combination of her favorite color and the look her products produce. Lime Crime started out as an account on eBay for Doe’s DIY fashion line. She needed more color and brighter makeup colors to accentuate her online fashions, so the company was started in 2008.

In 2009, Unicorn Lipsticks were introduced, becoming the first radical colors on the market. Doe uses her natural instincts to come up with just the right ones. In 2012, Velvetines came out starting the trend of liquid to matte lipsticks. In 2012 all of Lime Crime’s products started meeting Vegan standards. Doe continues to add inspirational products to her line as the ideas come to her.

She develops new products by waiting for an inspiration and then acting quickly once she gets it. She tries out all new products on herself first to make sure that they meet the standards of the company. If they do, they go into production. One business concept that truly intrigued her was the way e-commerce has become such a big part of everyday life. Many people thought that buying lip-stick and nail polish online would never work, however Doe believed it would and has proven it. Deere is a successful business woman and was named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine.

When asked what she would do differently if she was just starting out again, Doe said that she would have started her business a lot sooner. She enthusiastically supports other women with the entrepreneurial spirit by communicating with them through Instagram. Her best advice to people starting out in business, is to “trust your gut.” If you have a passion about something, you are probably going to be a success. She credits her success to this moto, along with treating her employees with love and respect. Her support source comes from her husband partner, Mark, who shares her vision for Lime Crime.

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Life and Career of Geoffrey Cone

Geoffrey Cone, the co-founder of a successful legal practice in New Zealand, is a man of many talents. He is nationally known as an attorney who specializes in the development of trust funds, but many people are unaware of the rich and noble history that led Geoffrey Cone to develop the Cone Marshall law firm. During a recent interview with Business Insider magazine, Geoffrey Cone discussed ways in which he was influenced by his upbringing, education, and early days in a legal practice. Although the executive admitted that his past was imperfect, he also stated that he gained invaluable wisdom and insight during the more challenging stages of his life. Cone stated that he would not trade his hardships if he had the ability to do so.

Geoffrey Cone’s Upbringing
During his sit down with the Business Insider, Cone admitted that he had the desire to enter the legal profession from a very early age. As a boy growing up in New Zealand, Cone recalls being told by relatives that he should enter the legal profession. After completing primary school, Cone decided to place a great emphasis on his academic studies in order to be accepted into a prestigious University. After completing high school with excellent marks, the future businessman was admitted to the University of Otago in New Zealand where he studied University writing and pre-law. Soon, Cone graduated from the University of Otago with honors and set out to complete law school.

Legal Education
Upon his acceptance to law school, Cone began to gain an interest in the field of tax law. The brilliant student had always been interested in discovering important facts regarding legal codes and statutes and he saw the tax law industry as a perfect field to enter to further develop these interests. Cone recalled, during his interview, that law school presented a greater challenge to him than those he had faced in high school and during his undergraduate education. Although he found his educational pursuits to be extremely challenging, Cone persisted until he received his diploma in the late 1970s. After graduation, Cone was presented with a challenge of finding valuable and fulfilling work as a tax attorney. The businessman recalled that he was extremely grateful when he was offered a position in Aukland, New Zealand in 1980.

Early Days In Legal Practice
After landing his first job as an attorney in a New Zealand law firm in the early 1980s, Cone quickly discovered that his keen interest in the New Zealand tax code would not be enough to consistently sustain his career. The attorney recalls many times where he worked for days on end to complete tasks for his firm. His hard work paid off, however, and he is now one of the most sought after tax attorneys in New Zealand.

Sweetgreen The Restaurant With A Difference

During Nathaniel Ru’s senior year at Georgetown University, he and some friends had trouble finding any healthy places to eat. Because they couldn’t find a spot, they decided to do something about it and start their own restaurant. Their first step was to find a place to start it in so they rented a space in a tavern on M street in the middle of downtown Georgetown. In just six years their idea has blossomed into a 21-store farm-to-table style restaurant called Sweetgreen.

When they initially rented the space where they started their first restaurant it turned out that their landlord also happened to be the landlord of an apartment building around the corner from where they all lived. When Nathaniel called her and explained what they wanted to do she wouldn’t talk to him about it. This did not deter them, however, because they called her every day until she finally agreed to talk with them face to face. They met her with a three-page business plan in hand and the meeting was a success because the landlord asked them to find an architect and some business backers and come back to her with a real plan.

Nathaniel said that they took almost a month to find the backers and an architect, but they did and they were, as he says, blessed and grateful that their landlord agreed to give their idea the green light. It was a miracle we got the chance, Ru said and he added that comment with the observation that they would have never been able to do that again. The timing was just right.

Sweetgreen now has stores in all the major cities in the northeast including their suburbs. These cities include Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. The food continues to be fresh and healthy as most of the ingredients are bought from local farmers and producers. Theresa Dold, sweetgreen’s digital marketing head said that the company is more than just a restaurant where you can get a good salad, it has a deeper purpose. She went on to explain that the founders looked at sweetgreens the same way as Steve Jobs viewed Apple. They are always looking from the inside out. The first thing they consider when taking on a new product or approach for the company is to ask the “why” first before they decide on the “what”.

Because of this, the approach sweetgreen takes in their marketing is very similar. She adds that sweetgreen wants to remain social, smart and local because people don’t buy what you do they buy the way you do it.


Chicago Investment Banking Firm Receives Prestigious Award

The 15th Annual M&A Advisors award will be honoring Madison Street Capital, a global investment banking firm. The firm has received the illustrious nomination from M&A Advisors, an organization that publishes expressions of thought leadership, hosts summits, award ceremonies, and conducts research in the M&A industry. The firm based out of Chicago was nominated for two awards; Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year, and International and Industrials Deal of the Year.

Recognition of top performance

This recognition was brought about because of Madison Street Capital’s involvement in Dowco’s acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. Thanks to Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha and Jay Rodgers’ assistance with finalizing the transaction. Acuna is an international structural engineering and steel detailing firm based in Chile. Now added to the Dowco group of companies, Dowco has officially globally expanded its steel detailing business. The acquisition makes projects of a larger scale viable. The strategic acquisition allows for an expansion of services. The company’s goal is to become the main provider companies look to for steel detailing and 3d modeling.

The event has been celebrated since 2001 and has grown into the prime event to attend in the M&A industry. The award ceremony was once known as the 40 Under 40 Awards back in 2010. A judging panel of 22 professionals from a variety of organizations assesses and picks each nominee. Leaders from all over the country converge to praise high level performers in the industry. The excellent performance of firms, deals, and individuals are recognized each year. The CEO of Madison Street, Charles Botchway, has expressed his appreciation of the nomination and mentioned the relentless work ethic it took to get there.

Steadfast work ethic at MSC

The acquisition deal being recognized spanned across multiple countries and was a complicated transaction. Madison Street’s tireless dedication to delivering top-notch financial advisory services across multiple time zones helped get the deal done. The company makes a point to make the client’s goals their own when working with a client. The investment firm pays particular attention to emerging markets and views them as the foundation that encourages global growth for their clients.

The investment firm has been performing well for years, receiving the M&A Advisor’s 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award. MSC is no stranger to receiving distinguished business honors. The award was earned due to Madison Street’s COO Anthony Marsala. These accomplishments are greatly valued in an industry that is remarkably competitive. Publicly and privately owned companies stand to benefit from Madison Street. They hold offices around the world in North America, Africa, and Asia. MSC has an outlook of growth; the company has increased in productivity, from 32 deals closed in 2014 to 42 closed in 2015.

David Osio: Philanthropist and Business Leader

Venezuelan-born entrepreneur and financial advisor David Osio is has decades of experience in the world of finance. However, in addition to his dedication to his business and career, he also believes in an individual’s responsibility to their community. Osio consistently supports a number of non-profits and NGOs that help improve quality of life for many and ensure peace of mind for all.

In addition to being a proud supporter of the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) and serving on the orchestra’s board of directors, Osio is committed to improving the quality of children’s healthcare. He supports the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation and helps fund its events on an annual basis.

Osio regularly works with a number of other organizations as well. He provides financial support to the Wayuu Taya Foundation, which seeks to improve the lives of the Wayuu people, an indigenous community in Venezuela, as well as other native communities throughout Latin America. He also works with the Miami-based Saludarte Foundation of Art, which seeks to use art as a vehicle for social change and greater equality.

Osio is the founder of Davos Financial Group, a financial advisory firm with locations in Geneva, Lisbon, New York, Miami, and Panama City. After graduating from law school, he began his career practicing financial law in Caracas and later moved to Miami in 1988 to become a banking executive. In this capacity, he oversaw the portfolio of an international bank and later studied portfolio management at the New York Institute of Finance. He also hold a graduate degree in financial management from the Venezuelan Institute of Advanced Administrative Studies.

Osio believes in the power of entrepreneurs to use their success to improve the lives of others. Business leaders help societies by driving economic growth, but they can and should give back to the societies that have helped them prosper and thrive. David Osio is an example of a leader who takes this responsibility extremely seriously. For philanthropists like Osio, philanthropy is not merely a hobby or pastime, but a very real opportunity to use their accomplishments to effect positive change in ways that their financial triumphs cannot.

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In Kabbalah, Everything Comes Back to You

Everything comes back to you, in one way or another. This is a rather interesting concept. One which is discussed openly at the Kabbalah Centre. When you first start studying at the centre, it’s imperative that you keep an open mind.

There will be a lot of things being discussed that the Kabbalah Centre that most people will find a little bit out of the ordinary. When you look at the above concept, it seems rather simple.

Let’s look at this a bit further, shall we?

Say you decide to treat someone a bit unfairly, even though the person does not deserve it. Say you decide to do it because you “feel you can”; or, it’s your “right to do so.”

This action will have some major complications on this person’s life. This person might meet with some awful fate himself. It could happen in this lifetime. It might even happen in another lifetime. The point is, this person will reap what he sows. The more he decides to be awful to another person, the more the fate will be amplified, even ten-fold.

This is not being said to scare any of you. This is being said to help educate and guide you. This sort of help and guidance is done at the center all the time. If you want your life to be good, you have to be good to everyone else. It sounds simple and cliched, I know. However, this logic really does matter.

Every little thing you say and do is being logged into your soul’s account. What the center teaches it’s students is the idea of removing bad debt and having only good debt.
It only takes one small infraction to take your soul on a journey to the bad side. You can find out more of this story by speaking with the Kabbalah Centre.

“Are you going to choose light? Are you going to choose dark?

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McGalla Leads New Fashion Line for Steeler Fans

Many people in the football world will expect the Steelers to be better in the upcoming season. Now their fans will also be taking their game to the next level. The Steelers organization has been preparing to launch a new Steelers fashion line just in time for the upcoming season. Led by Susan McGalla, director of strategic planning, the new fashion line will feature a variety of products catering to both men and women.

The new Steelers fashion line features a variety of products. New this year is Pandora jewelry with Steelers charms. Major labels such as Nike Golf, Victoria Secret and Tommy Bahama have jumped on board. The new fashion line at tries to meet the needs of females by making clothes that fit their figures and look good for ladies. Women also wanted something other than onesies now there’s even pink animal print. A number of men wanted want something to wear to work and the new clothing line meets those needs. Finally the Steelers have implemented “It’s Not Just Friday, It’s Steelers Friday,” a campaign to encourage fans to wear their Steelers gear to work on Fridays. Fans can win a number of prizes by posting pictures in their black and gold.

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This new fashion campaign is spearheaded by Susan McGalla, the new Steelers director of strategic planning. McGalla is very qualified to lead this fashion campaign. Her knowledge of retail is quite large as Susan McGalla has had positions as the president of American Eagle Outfitters and CEO of Wet Seal. She has a firm understanding of branding and merchandising and plans to bring that knowledge to the new Steelers fashion line.

Susan McGalla has high hopes for the new fashion line. She is set on meeting the needs of the fans. “We want to make it easy, quick on any device you want to shop,” says Susan McGalla. “We’re bringing in focus groups talking about how we can have them share and be part of the organization in more vibrant ways,” she says. Her incredible work ethic and experience serve as proof she is perfect for this role.

Is Kabbalah the Right Spiritual Path for You?

There has been a great many things said about the Kabbalah Centre. Many famous people going there for spiritual guidance. Just because someone like Madonna or Ashton Kutcher goes there for guidance, this does not make it the right place for you.

It’s best to investigate and inquire more about it first. Which is why we are here today. We are here to address some of the FAQ’S some have had about the Kabbalah Centre. We are all looking for some sort of spiritual guidance. We are all looking for a way to connect closer with God. The Kabbalah Centre holds the key for some? Will it hold the same key for you too?


It’s simple. Seeing as how some of you are novices to the whole thing, you might want to begin with the beginner’s package. Start out with the early stuff and go down that road. It’s called Kabbalah 1: The basics. This will give you an insight on how to start.


There is a simple answer to this. There are also some more complex answer to these questions. Let’s begin with the simple answer. It’s all part of the package teachings that Moses received on Mt. Sinai. Adam first learned these at the beginning of creation and now they are being passed down to us. It all began over 2,000 years ago.


Absolutely. It’s best to look up a Chabad Rabbi in your area. Sit down and speak with him. Find out all you can. Do this before signing up for a class. These are all spiritual classes and are treated as such. Every class is different. They go by what spiritual level you are on currently. The more devoted you become to this path, the more spiritually divine you will become.

This is not something to take lightly. Most people who study are very genuine and serious in their devotion.

You can find out more about the Kabbalah Centre by clicking on one of the links below.

Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner Really Works

You are like me and have lived with fine dry hair most of your life then you know that it can be a constant battle to style your hair and to find products that help. This is why I was absolutely thrilled to come across a review by Emily McClure on This review was a 7-Day documentation of Emily’s experience with the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner. The cleansing conditioner from the WEN by Chaz product line is an all-organic product and is a shampoo, conditioner, and treatment in one. Emily included pictures in her review that distinctly show the difference that this product made. You can clearly see Emily’s hair become thicker and shinier after utilizing this product. Not only can you see these results Emily also noted receiving compliments about how much shinier and thicker her hair appeared. Throughout the seven days, Emily tried the product at night as well as in her morning shower and personally preferred the results of utilizing it before styling her hair in the morning. After reading this review by Emily and watching testimonials on YouTube about Wen I did a little research on Wen by Chaz for myself and learned that their products are available on in different formulas and made from organic ingredients. I thought what the heck and went ahead and bought some for myself. After receiving my product and putting it to the test for only 3 days I also noticed an amazing difference in my hair. I would also highly recommend that you check out Emily’s review and try this product for yourself.

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