Andrew Rolfe’s Mission in Giving Education to African Children

The Ubuntu Education Fund charity gala held in London has raised more than £600,000 to help disadvantaged children in Africa. The Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund, Andrew Rolfe, has helped the event with inviting 300 guests of the gala with music and dishes, along with two important students who had previously received aid from the Ubuntu Funds.

Sinesipho Rabidyani was one of the students that came to the gala and presented her inspiring speech of her troubled childhood with her alcoholic father. With the help of Ubuntu Fund, Sinesipho has received a scholarship and an excellent education to the school. The school that she was enrolled to also provides psychosocial support and additional mentoring activities. The Ubuntu Fun has now helped Sinesipho in her recent enrolment to Law School.

The leading success towards Ubuntu’s Education Fund has assisted many young African children into helping them receive the education they need. Andrew Rolfe, the Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund has been helping with Jacob Lief, the CEO and founder of Ubuntu Education Fund to assist in his mission. Andrew Rolfe has been continuously working improving the social welfare, health care, and education problems in Cape Town. It is no surprise as to why Jacob hired him to help him with his noble cause. With both of their work combined, Lief and Rolfe has given children education.

Rolfe and his team place their goal into giving freedom to the children of the nation of South Africa with a benefit where they are allowed to learn without having to worry about their education funds. Rolfe continuous to work alongside with Lief to serve the Ubuntu Education Fund’s purpose by giving hope to kids in need of education by also helping to fund for better schools. Rolfe also ensures to give children who are unable to receive education or live in a safe environment, by providing them the things they need to survive in the outside world.

The money that has been raised with Ubuntu Funds is given entirely to help the need. Rolfe’s strong mission and career has now serves his purpose well as the leader of the Ubuntu Fund.