Avaaz is a Great Community of Global Storytelling

In Europe, Avaaz means “voice.” Avaaz is a platform that encourages and inspires people to take actions that can help make the world what most people want it to be. At present, the Avaaz community is 44 million strong and growing. Its influence spans 194 countries around the world.

What Does Avaaz Do?

It empowers millions of people from around the world, and from all walks of life, to act on matters both national and regional to where they live. Such matters include anything from corruption and climate change to politics. The Avaaz model brings together millions of people together on the Internet who can combine their efforts in a powerful, collective voice. The community communicates in 15 languages, and supports core teams that span six continents. Community actions include government lobbying efforts, emailing political entities, offline protests, specific events, and much more.

Avaaz Leverages Today’s Technology

With global interconnectivity and technology combined, Avaaz is unique in that global teams can work on any issue of concern. The size and scope of problems are no longer an issue. The organization prides itself in being nimble, flexible, and scalable. Current issues that Avaaz supports include the Paris Climate Accord where they helped raise funds to lobby world governments in support of clean energy initiatives. To know more about Avaaz click here.

Addressing Tipping-Points

There are situations in the world that people can change when they work together in massive efforts. Through normal channels, it sometimes takes years to reach a point where a major difference results. However, with the right tools and platform, like Avaaz, solutions can immediately take shape when moments of tremendous crisis arise. This is where the Avaaz community can make a major global impact.

Avaaz is an excellent community to join for anyone looking for a venue where people have a sense of shared humanity. Avaaz is a community of great global storytelling.