Doe Deere’s Rise to Stardom

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the colorful cosmetic line Lime Crime. Lime Crime is an online company that offers cosmetics that are a step outside the norm. They offer intensely vivid, bold and pigmented products (none that involve animal testing) that allow people to look the way the feel. Doe was born in Russia, but grew up in New York City. Her goal with the company is to produce a product that allows freedom and self-expression. The name of her company came from a combination of her favorite color and the look her products produce. Lime Crime started out as an account on eBay for Doe’s DIY fashion line. She needed more color and brighter makeup colors to accentuate her online fashions, so the company was started in 2008.

In 2009, Unicorn Lipsticks were introduced, becoming the first radical colors on the market. Doe uses her natural instincts to come up with just the right ones. In 2012, Velvetines came out starting the trend of liquid to matte lipsticks. In 2012 all of Lime Crime’s products started meeting Vegan standards. Doe continues to add inspirational products to her line as the ideas come to her.

She develops new products by waiting for an inspiration and then acting quickly once she gets it. She tries out all new products on herself first to make sure that they meet the standards of the company. If they do, they go into production. One business concept that truly intrigued her was the way e-commerce has become such a big part of everyday life. Many people thought that buying lip-stick and nail polish online would never work, however Doe believed it would and has proven it. Deere is a successful business woman and was named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine.

When asked what she would do differently if she was just starting out again, Doe said that she would have started her business a lot sooner. She enthusiastically supports other women with the entrepreneurial spirit by communicating with them through Instagram. Her best advice to people starting out in business, is to “trust your gut.” If you have a passion about something, you are probably going to be a success. She credits her success to this moto, along with treating her employees with love and respect. Her support source comes from her husband partner, Mark, who shares her vision for Lime Crime.

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