Exploring A Successful Career Full of Philanthropic Ventures

Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian citizen, charismatic entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He is currently the founder of New Gas Technologies, a family of companies that specializes on commercializing low octane. Here, he acts as the chairman of the board in the company. He has worked for several other organizations where he spearheaded projects and in key positions. In 2014 he was a board observer at Foro Energy, where he observed the operations and the decisions that were made by the board for the great good of the company.

Alexei has a strong passion for education. He encourages youths to remain in school and get an education. He himself has a vast education. He graduated with distinction as doctor of medicine where he specialized in internal medicine. He also enrolled in Singularity University where he studied executive program, disruptive technologies. At INSEAD, he graduated with his MBAs.

The knowledge he acquired in school and his years of experience as an entrepreneur and also as a leader have impacted a great deal in his roles and how he has helped shape companies to bring out the best in them.

His keen for education have also opened a platform for him to be elected for roles he has played in his career. At Solvy he was made the chief operating officer. Here he worked alongside others to ensure that the math education was more accessible to students in high school and also to their educators through the software that the company was launching.

He has also launched A-Ventures, Mechanicus and Endemic Capital. Endemic Capital was started with the aim of helping companies and entrepreneurs to start up their companies comfortably as he has been all that when he was starting his first business.

Alexei Beltyukov also volunteers in several organizations where he helps them grow and inspires youths to greatness. He, together other Russian alumni founded the INSEAD Russian Alumni Scholarship.

The scholarship is awarded to candidates with the belief that they will succeed and give back to the Russian communities. According to Angel.co, Alexei Beltyukov is also part of the Entrepreneur in Residence in INSEAD, which helps students doing their MBAs to launch their ideas.