Fabletics as the Brand with the Power of the Crowd

There are specific aspects that consumers look for before purchasing something especially, online. Those elements like the reviews from the group do matter. It is what draws them to the product. One such brand that has moved the market and is doing its e-commerce well is Fabletics. It is an American online subscription merchandiser, which sells lady’s sportswear and accessories also known as athleisure. Being best known for their e-commerce business, they offer its members a wide range of outfits about client’s preferences no matter the size.

Fabletics got officially launched on October 1, 2013, with its founders Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson overseeing its success step by step. Later in June 2015, they went to another level where they extended the business to cover men’s active wear line.

Having known what Fabletics is all about, it is paramount to comprehend what makes it stand out among other brands and that is embracing the user reviews. Call it the review-centric marketing strategies. Here, consumer reviews directly drive three things. They are improved customer acquisition, enhanced loyalty, and client retention for brands across all industries.

Then, how is Fabletics leveraging the power of the crowd? For them, it is imperative to trust consumer reviews. Users mean a lot to digital lives so, because of this they conduct extensive research before purchasing something, therefore; if one suggests something to be corrected they put it into consideration. That is what Fabletics has embraced, and it is indeed working. They trust in clients reviews, respond to them, and as a result, more positive reviews are yielded leading to the acquisition of more customers. As they believe, for them to leverage the power of the crowd, they go with the mantra that terrible reviews yield high revenue or power. With that, they have become conquerors.

Kate Hudson is one of the founders of this brand; she also has contributed a lot towards propelling the success of Fabletics. For her, the passion she had on this business to venture was the fundamental drive towards working so hard to see her dreams in Fabletics come true. According to her, the brand is doing so well because they accommodate everyone not only regarding affordable cost but also in the sense of different sizes. So, for her, athleisure is winning because of its uniqueness and how they relate to the client’s needs.

Fabletics stand for something amazing, and that is encouraging people out there especially women to go beyond their comfort zones, do something to make them feel better in their skin. Regardless of age, the company has something for everyone. Clearly, from all that has been mentioned, it is evident why this brand is the preferred one. Also, why it has taken the market by a storm, and it is evidently not going to disappear anytime soon.

Ordering a Fabletics gear is not hard. Only go online to their website or social media pages. Also, before you order directly take the lifestyle quiz to be in a position to quickly identify what catches your interest.