George Soros Pledges To Fight Donald Trump As The Republican Enters Office

The 2016 Presidential election victory of Republican Donald Trump was largely unexpected around the world, and took many in the Democratic party by surprise as a Democracy Alliance event had been planned for the days following the election; George Soros founded the Democracy Alliance to give wealthy donors a chance to discuss between themselves and with key Democratic figures policy details and plans for future election campaigns. Recent events in global politics have made the 2016 election cycle one of the key areas of interest for George Soros as he embarks upon a future he hopes will bring the Democrat’s back to power starting in 2017 and 2018.

At the Democracy Alliance event on held in Washington D.C. George Soros revealed his belief that a grassroots movement to return the Democrat’s to power must begin with state level elections in 2017. Soros has already made a major splash by providing funding for a series of candidates for criminal justice positions in six states across the U.S. who were largely unaware of the role George Soros played in their election campaigns. In the work he has completed in 2015 and 2016 that resulted in a donation reaching $3.5 million for a range of Democratic candidates who hoped to defeat incumbent Republican prosecutors and district attorney’s.

The shock 2016 Presidential election on result came despite George Soros making his first major campaign contributions since the 2004 election battle between President George W. Bush and Democrat John Kerry; George Soros provided around $27 million in funding for the Kerry campaign over the course of the election and almost matched that with a $25 million contribution to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential bid. The hedge fund legend, who has amassed a personal fortune estimated to have reached around $25 billion, also provided funding for a series of campaigns to make sure minority voters on Forbes were given the chance to vote with their rights protected. Hispanic and African American voters were being targeted with the $5 million in funding George Soros provided for a campaign that fought to protect minority voter rights at a time when they are being threatened at greater levels than ever before.

Despite the fact Hillary Clinton did not win in her bid for the White House George Soros has not become disheartened in his political outlook and has recently cited his own life story that includes living under occupation by Nazi Germany as a major reason for his decision to fight the Administration of Donald Trump. Hedge fund legend Soros is hoping he can create a dedicated plan with other Democrat’s to make sure any attempt to dismantle the legacy of President Barrack Obama is fought from the very first day Donald Trump sets foot in the White House.