George Soros

George Soros is a longtime political contributor for the democratic party both financially and philanthropically. Soros has spent his life helping other people as a author and activist and various not for profit organizations advocating for social justices. Soros spent millions the past couple of years to fund the presidential campaign and is spinning the recent election loss into a win for the future. Soros and other political contributors are now banking on a future democratic president in the white house after a four year Trump administration.

Soros and other donors had a recent meeting to discuss the future of the democratic party and the next two presidential elections. Soros is hopeful that the party can learn from the election and fight for democratic social changes during the next white house Republican administration. Soros is banning together with others to resist some of Trump’s power by limiting his reach the next election. The three-day meeting was sponsored by the Democracy Alliance donor club on Time. The members for the club include union and liberal groups along with top democratic leaders including Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi. The major takeaway from the meeting is to get more democratic voters to the polls or the next election by energizing the democratic base including the white voter along with all minorities.

The Democracy Alliance group was formed in 2004 during the presidential election. The goal of the group was to form a donor group in order to boost the democratic nominee for president, Senator John Kerry. When the presidency in 2004 went to the Republican nominee the group formed an advocacy group that included financing causes. The causes the Democracy Alliance funded offered progressive solutions for the future populations inside the United States. The popular social activist and investor this year funded several social conscience businesses to help people in refugee and migrant situations. Soros donates his money to help fund political elections based on his personal mission to help people that are unable to change their environment due to war and discrimination.

For the next presidential election expect Soros and other political activists and donors to put money where their mouth is and invest in people and not just political parties. As a billionaire businessman, Soros created the popular social activist group The not for profit organization is a progressive public policy advocacy group and political action committee. Look for the Democracy Alliance group and Soros to boost up efforts to get democratic populations to vote for future elections and democratic nominees for the president.