How Officers Used Securus Technologies to Catch a Thief

There was a dangerous suspect in our town who was robbing homeowners at gunpoint and cleaning them out of their belongings in the process. The robberies began to emerge in a similar pattern, always a high-end home on the beach in the early morning hours. It didn’t matter if the family was home or not, when the suspect entered the house, he tied everyone up and took everything of value. Our concern was he seemed to be getting more violent as these robberies continued, and the next family could be in for some serious trouble.


It appeared at the beginning that this suspect was working alone, so it made it that much harder to get any information about where he was hiding or what his next course of action was going to be. My superiors wanted him in custody before anyone was killed, so we really began looking for any leads that could crack the case. That day my officers received a call from the local jail, a corrections officer said he may have some information on our suspect.


The officer was able to gather evidence from the call monitoring system inside the jail. Securus Technologies installed the unit that they currently have in thousands of jails around the country. The LBS software is able to detect unique chatter when the inmates make their calls, and one call in particular really got our attention.


It appeared that an inmate was part of a group of robbers who were taken into custody recently, although one of the gang slipped capture. This was our suspect, and his partners being in jail allowed us to listen as they spoke about reuniting and how they were going to sell off the stuff they already had secured away in storage units. Those calls were key in leading us to the hideout of our suspect.