How Whitney Wolfe Became a Leader and Why She Will Not Sell Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is taking the lead when it comes to building a much better platform for dating and general social media conversations. She has created a very successful company with Bumble, and this has allowed her to become one of the most successful people in the business of apps.

Whitney Wolfe has proven that she can control her own company and do things in her own way. She did not want to have her company purchased by someone else. It seems like a very hard thing to turn down the sum of $450 million dollars, but Whitney Wolfe knows that her company is going to be worth so much more. Wolfe knows that she is at the ground level of breaking ground in a company that could become a household name.

Whitney Wolfe is not ready to let go of her ownership of Bumblebee beacause she knows that she can penetrate the social media world. She has already become the company that is sitting at the top when it comes to dating. This app could also transform other areas like social networking and friendship building online.

Whitney Wolfe is already working towards doing this, and that is why it does not make sense for her to take a buyout. She knows that there is a vision that she wants to achieve. She has a desire to do things with Bumble that she believes other people would not accomplish. She believes this because she is on a mission to change social media.

Whitney does not want to be someone that simply subscribes to doing what everyone else is doing. She did not want to be a follower in anyway. Whitney Wolfe wanted to be a leader, and she wanted to take chances and make changes. That is what she has done with Bumble, and that is what she continues to do. It appears that she is taking the lead in a very dramatic way by creating what she has called a feminist dating app. This is a conversation starter that begs people to listen to the creative mind of Whitney Wolfe.

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