In Kabbalah, Everything Comes Back to You

Everything comes back to you, in one way or another. This is a rather interesting concept. One which is discussed openly at the Kabbalah Centre. When you first start studying at the centre, it’s imperative that you keep an open mind.

There will be a lot of things being discussed that the Kabbalah Centre that most people will find a little bit out of the ordinary. When you look at the above concept, it seems rather simple.

Let’s look at this a bit further, shall we?

Say you decide to treat someone a bit unfairly, even though the person does not deserve it. Say you decide to do it because you “feel you can”; or, it’s your “right to do so.”

This action will have some major complications on this person’s life. This person might meet with some awful fate himself. It could happen in this lifetime. It might even happen in another lifetime. The point is, this person will reap what he sows. The more he decides to be awful to another person, the more the fate will be amplified, even ten-fold.

This is not being said to scare any of you. This is being said to help educate and guide you. This sort of help and guidance is done at the center all the time. If you want your life to be good, you have to be good to everyone else. It sounds simple and cliched, I know. However, this logic really does matter.

Every little thing you say and do is being logged into your soul’s account. What the center teaches it’s students is the idea of removing bad debt and having only good debt.
It only takes one small infraction to take your soul on a journey to the bad side. You can find out more of this story by speaking with the Kabbalah Centre.

“Are you going to choose light? Are you going to choose dark?

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