Keith Mann Starts Scholarship to Encourage Potential Business Leaders to Attend College

Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners announced a new scholarship opportunity. The name of it is the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship. It is for Professional Achievement. The scholarship’s purpose is to recognize tomorrow’s (next generation’s) business leaders. The scholarship is a partnership with Uncommon Schools, which are Brooklyn-based.

Individuals who apply for the scholarship are required to write a 1,000-word essay that discusses how college can help reach professional goals. Mann is an advocate for education. Likewise, he wants to identify strong leaders and help them find employment with companies that are a good fit. The ultimate goal is helping individuals reach their potential.

Graduating seniors who attend Uncommon Charter School High School have the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. The application window opens on February 29, 2016. The winner of the contest will be announced towards the end of March. It is a $5,000 award that is applied to the winner’s tuition.

Keith Mann has 15 years of experience in the executive search sector. He specializes in hedge fund compensation. He also focuses on staffing and strategies of hiring. In 2002, after seeing the hedge fund industry as a growing field, Mann created an alternative investment practice within DSP.

By 2006, his company expanded to the private equity industry. Dynamics Search Partners was recognized as an executive search firm exclusively dedicated to alternative investment firms.

Keith Mann is the CEO and Founder of the company. He oversees the daily management of his firm. Dynamic Search Partners also works with other firms that are in the alternative investment industry. These firms are in the United States, Europe and Asia. More than 200 client mandates are filled each year.