McGalla Leads New Fashion Line for Steeler Fans

Many people in the football world will expect the Steelers to be better in the upcoming season. Now their fans will also be taking their game to the next level. The Steelers organization has been preparing to launch a new Steelers fashion line just in time for the upcoming season. Led by Susan McGalla, director of strategic planning, the new fashion line will feature a variety of products catering to both men and women.

The new Steelers fashion line features a variety of products. New this year is Pandora jewelry with Steelers charms. Major labels such as Nike Golf, Victoria Secret and Tommy Bahama have jumped on board. The new fashion line at tries to meet the needs of females by making clothes that fit their figures and look good for ladies. Women also wanted something other than onesies now there’s even pink animal print. A number of men wanted want something to wear to work and the new clothing line meets those needs. Finally the Steelers have implemented “It’s Not Just Friday, It’s Steelers Friday,” a campaign to encourage fans to wear their Steelers gear to work on Fridays. Fans can win a number of prizes by posting pictures in their black and gold.

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This new fashion campaign is spearheaded by Susan McGalla, the new Steelers director of strategic planning. McGalla is very qualified to lead this fashion campaign. Her knowledge of retail is quite large as Susan McGalla has had positions as the president of American Eagle Outfitters and CEO of Wet Seal. She has a firm understanding of branding and merchandising and plans to bring that knowledge to the new Steelers fashion line.

Susan McGalla has high hopes for the new fashion line. She is set on meeting the needs of the fans. “We want to make it easy, quick on any device you want to shop,” says Susan McGalla. “We’re bringing in focus groups talking about how we can have them share and be part of the organization in more vibrant ways,” she says. Her incredible work ethic and experience serve as proof she is perfect for this role.