How Whitney Wolfe Became a Leader and Why She Will Not Sell Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is taking the lead when it comes to building a much better platform for dating and general social media conversations. She has created a very successful company with Bumble, and this has allowed her to become one of the most successful people in the business of apps.

Whitney Wolfe has proven that she can control her own company and do things in her own way. She did not want to have her company purchased by someone else. It seems like a very hard thing to turn down the sum of $450 million dollars, but Whitney Wolfe knows that her company is going to be worth so much more. Wolfe knows that she is at the ground level of breaking ground in a company that could become a household name.

Whitney Wolfe is not ready to let go of her ownership of Bumblebee beacause she knows that she can penetrate the social media world. She has already become the company that is sitting at the top when it comes to dating. This app could also transform other areas like social networking and friendship building online.

Whitney Wolfe is already working towards doing this, and that is why it does not make sense for her to take a buyout. She knows that there is a vision that she wants to achieve. She has a desire to do things with Bumble that she believes other people would not accomplish. She believes this because she is on a mission to change social media.

Whitney does not want to be someone that simply subscribes to doing what everyone else is doing. She did not want to be a follower in anyway. Whitney Wolfe wanted to be a leader, and she wanted to take chances and make changes. That is what she has done with Bumble, and that is what she continues to do. It appears that she is taking the lead in a very dramatic way by creating what she has called a feminist dating app. This is a conversation starter that begs people to listen to the creative mind of Whitney Wolfe.

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Gregory Aziz- Founder of Well-Respected North American Railroad Company

Gregory James Aziz has been the CEO, President, and Chairman of National Steel Car for over 20 years. Aziz also serves as the CEO and chairman of National Industries, Inc. National Steel Car is a subordinate company of National Industries. In 1994, he purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco. Aziz was born on April 30, 1949 in London, Ontario. He studied economics at the University of Western Ontario. Before attending the University of Western Ontario, Aziz went to Ridley College.

Greg’s family owned a business, Affiliated Foods. So, he became part of his family’s business in 1971. Within 60 years, Affiliated Foods imported fresh foods from Europe, Central, and South America. This imports were distributed to every big fresh food wholesale market in the U.S. and Eastern Canada. Throughout the late 80’s and early 90’s, Gregory Aziz has held various roles in investment banking.

National Steel Car, a previously great company in Canada, turned into one of the world’s top railroad freight car manufacturers. The headquarters of National Steel Car are in Hamilton, Ontario. The company was established in 1912. The original name of the National Steel Car company was Imperial Car Company. Greg J Aziz placed emphasis on the use of financial and human resources, engineering strengths and group formation so he could meet the production goals for his company. For example, he increased the number of employees from 600 to 3,000. Also, production went up from 3,500 cars to 12,000 cars annually. National Steel Car is the potash car supplier for Canpotex. Since 1996, National Steel Car has received the TTX SECO highest quality award. National Steel Car is the only railroad freight car manufacturer in North America with the ISO 9001: 2008 certification. Customer loyalty is the focus of National Steel Car as it is committed to building relationships.

National Steel Car has been a sponsor for Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, the Salvation Army, and many other charities within the Hamilton community. It hold a food drive and a Christmas party each year. Greg along with his wife Irene support the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, the most famous agricultural fair in Canada.



Rocketship Education’s CEO Preston Smith Picked Up on a Number of Lessons Throughout the Organization’s Initial Ten Years

Rocketship Education is a line of public charter schools throughout the United States, ranging from California to Washington DC to Milwaukee. Preston Smith founded Rocketship Education ten years ago, in a small town situated on the Golden State’s Bay Area, ripe with innovation and organizational success. In Smith’s first decade of operating this thriving chain of schools, he experienced incalculable struggles that yielded educationally luxurious values – here’s just a handful of them.

Despite parents not being directly involved in the classroom, they yield invaluable input and service to their students’ educators. At Rocketship, parents interview new teaching candidates, they give feedback on their children’s instructors at least once every month, and allow teachers to visit their homes to better form custom learning outlines to each and every student.

It’s true that most public schools are exceeded in test scores, enrollment rates, and overall education provided by private schools. As private schools require families to pay tuition to enroll students, they’re inherently privy to far more resources than publicly-funded institutions are. However, it’s important for students and their respective families to exhibit pride in attending public schools, particularly those with high-quality learning experiences such as Rocketship Education.

Further, in increasing standards of take-home education public schools provide, parents should enroll their children in the most reputable schools possible, even if it means relocation. This encourages school boards to up the ante in relation to quality of education, as simply speaking out against school board members simply isn’t sufficient for causing educational quality to rise.

One of Rocketship Education’s key components to instructional success is involving parents in several aspects of administration and learning. Spread across 18 locations in the contiguous 48 states of America, every one of Rocketship’s facilities is nestled deeply in low-income areas. Charter schools, those that take in private financiers’ funding in conjunction with educational grants from government agencies, aren’t popular for providing such valuable assistance to children in areas filled with high to the brim with poverty. Part of CEO Preston Smith’s main goals is to help these students succeed by offering superb public education in socioeconomically-struggling neighborhoods.


Avaaz is a Great Community of Global Storytelling

In Europe, Avaaz means “voice.” Avaaz is a platform that encourages and inspires people to take actions that can help make the world what most people want it to be. At present, the Avaaz community is 44 million strong and growing. Its influence spans 194 countries around the world.

What Does Avaaz Do?

It empowers millions of people from around the world, and from all walks of life, to act on matters both national and regional to where they live. Such matters include anything from corruption and climate change to politics. The Avaaz model brings together millions of people together on the Internet who can combine their efforts in a powerful, collective voice. The community communicates in 15 languages, and supports core teams that span six continents. Community actions include government lobbying efforts, emailing political entities, offline protests, specific events, and much more.

Avaaz Leverages Today’s Technology

With global interconnectivity and technology combined, Avaaz is unique in that global teams can work on any issue of concern. The size and scope of problems are no longer an issue. The organization prides itself in being nimble, flexible, and scalable. Current issues that Avaaz supports include the Paris Climate Accord where they helped raise funds to lobby world governments in support of clean energy initiatives. To know more about Avaaz click here.

Addressing Tipping-Points

There are situations in the world that people can change when they work together in massive efforts. Through normal channels, it sometimes takes years to reach a point where a major difference results. However, with the right tools and platform, like Avaaz, solutions can immediately take shape when moments of tremendous crisis arise. This is where the Avaaz community can make a major global impact.

Avaaz is an excellent community to join for anyone looking for a venue where people have a sense of shared humanity. Avaaz is a community of great global storytelling.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is the Number One Premium Bottled Water

Bottled water is a billion-dollar industry. In 2012, Ryan Emmons changed the industry when he brought Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water into the market. In three short years, the brand announced a 5,000% growth in sales. Emmons is a young entrepreneur who sees his premium bottled water brand a little differently than the others, and it is paying off. Health, sustainability, and giving back are the three initiatives that he has built the company on, and it has brought Waiakea to the top.

Waiakea Hawaiian Water is now in over 2,000 retail stores in 30 U.S. states, and over 120,000 liter bottles are sold annually. This is a growth that is credited to the triple platform that Emmons has held the company to. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is pure and sustainable and is originates in a volcano in Hawaii. When Emmons and his family discovered Waiakea Springs, they were struck by how the water fell thousands of feet in volcanic rock gathering minerals. The water is naturally healthy and has a high ph value.

Being a part of the millennial generation, Emmons has a loud voice in manufacturing exactly the quality of bottled water that the millennials prefer, as they are his primary customers. Giving back and paying it forward are characteristics that hit the core of what the millennial generation values, and Emmons has united with PumpAid to distribute clean, clear Waiakea Water to underprivileged areas in Africa. He has contributed over 500 million liters to communities that had been unclean river water. He calls this “drinking ethically,” and this partnership will continue as the sales of Waiakea increases.

In 2015, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water received six prestigious awards from various platforms that identified Waiakea as a leader in natural bottled waters. They were chosen for taste, design, accountability and innovation. In 2017, Waiakea was voted the number one bottled water for the fourth year in a row, and this premium water is often found at festivals, fairs and surfing events around the globe.

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Andrew Rolfe’s Mission in Giving Education to African Children

The Ubuntu Education Fund charity gala held in London has raised more than £600,000 to help disadvantaged children in Africa. The Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund, Andrew Rolfe, has helped the event with inviting 300 guests of the gala with music and dishes, along with two important students who had previously received aid from the Ubuntu Funds.

Sinesipho Rabidyani was one of the students that came to the gala and presented her inspiring speech of her troubled childhood with her alcoholic father. With the help of Ubuntu Fund, Sinesipho has received a scholarship and an excellent education to the school. The school that she was enrolled to also provides psychosocial support and additional mentoring activities. The Ubuntu Fun has now helped Sinesipho in her recent enrolment to Law School.

The leading success towards Ubuntu’s Education Fund has assisted many young African children into helping them receive the education they need. Andrew Rolfe, the Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund has been helping with Jacob Lief, the CEO and founder of Ubuntu Education Fund to assist in his mission. Andrew Rolfe has been continuously working improving the social welfare, health care, and education problems in Cape Town. It is no surprise as to why Jacob hired him to help him with his noble cause. With both of their work combined, Lief and Rolfe has given children education.

Rolfe and his team place their goal into giving freedom to the children of the nation of South Africa with a benefit where they are allowed to learn without having to worry about their education funds. Rolfe continuous to work alongside with Lief to serve the Ubuntu Education Fund’s purpose by giving hope to kids in need of education by also helping to fund for better schools. Rolfe also ensures to give children who are unable to receive education or live in a safe environment, by providing them the things they need to survive in the outside world.

The money that has been raised with Ubuntu Funds is given entirely to help the need. Rolfe’s strong mission and career has now serves his purpose well as the leader of the Ubuntu Fund.


How Officers Used Securus Technologies to Catch a Thief

There was a dangerous suspect in our town who was robbing homeowners at gunpoint and cleaning them out of their belongings in the process. The robberies began to emerge in a similar pattern, always a high-end home on the beach in the early morning hours. It didn’t matter if the family was home or not, when the suspect entered the house, he tied everyone up and took everything of value. Our concern was he seemed to be getting more violent as these robberies continued, and the next family could be in for some serious trouble.


It appeared at the beginning that this suspect was working alone, so it made it that much harder to get any information about where he was hiding or what his next course of action was going to be. My superiors wanted him in custody before anyone was killed, so we really began looking for any leads that could crack the case. That day my officers received a call from the local jail, a corrections officer said he may have some information on our suspect.


The officer was able to gather evidence from the call monitoring system inside the jail. Securus Technologies installed the unit that they currently have in thousands of jails around the country. The LBS software is able to detect unique chatter when the inmates make their calls, and one call in particular really got our attention.


It appeared that an inmate was part of a group of robbers who were taken into custody recently, although one of the gang slipped capture. This was our suspect, and his partners being in jail allowed us to listen as they spoke about reuniting and how they were going to sell off the stuff they already had secured away in storage units. Those calls were key in leading us to the hideout of our suspect.


Karl Heideck Explains Small-Business Employment Laws In Pennsylvania

Karl Heideck Explains Small-Business Employment Laws

Karl Heideck Explains Small-Business Employment Laws

If perhaps you are an SME owner in Pennsylvania, there are some factors that you need to have at the edge of your mind pertaining your labor needs. The statutes regulation human resources are always being amended to suit the current job market environment, it is fundamental to stay ahead of such curves.

Significant Laws that influence companies in Pennsylvania

Employment statutes cover a broad spectrum of industrial practices. However, your industrial line or business module dictates the rules that a company adheres to. For example; employing juveniles to work, or compelling them to expend their efforts thereof, you become subjective to Child Labor Laws.

The Fair Labor Standards Act

These laws cover matters concerning minimum wage and fair human resource management practices. Also referred to as FLSA, the laws outline regulations of the apt time to pay a minimum wage to your team of employees. Additionally, it encompasses other related remuneration. These include; overtime, records on hours spent at work, and your implicit mandate to post a documented copy of the rules in a visible spot at the premise.

The Family and Medical Leave Act

FMLA is a law set by the federal government that render any legible staff to enjoy a leave to spend time with their family members, or when a medical matter occurs. Employers ought to understand that it is optional to pay staff for hours dedicated to leave, but you can’t decide to fire them as a penalty for absentia or halt their subscription to a health insurance coverage.

Employment Act on Age Discrimination

With time, employees grow old. Regardless, they should be afforded similar employment rights as other younger staffs. Failure to do so may subject you to legal lawsuits on discrimination or hefty fines. All government agencies and contractors are subject to these statutes.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is an expert lawyer who specializes in litigation, risk management, and compliance. He is a contract attorney throughout his career and was among the listings on Hire Counsel since 2015. Before Karl Heideck, began his career, he spent more than 10 years practicing as a lawyer in the greater Philadelphia. From October 2010, he worked as a project lawyer for Pepper Hamilton LLP for three years. Before that partnership, Karl Heideck served as a consulting attorney for Conrad O’Brien in the better part of 2010.

Mr. Karl Heideck went to Swarthmore College, where he graduated with a BA degree in 2003. Later on, he attended the James E. Beasley Law School in Temple University and earned a Juris Doctorate in 2009 before commencing his career.

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George Soros Pledges To Fight Donald Trump As The Republican Enters Office

The 2016 Presidential election victory of Republican Donald Trump was largely unexpected around the world, and took many in the Democratic party by surprise as a Democracy Alliance event had been planned for the days following the election; George Soros founded the Democracy Alliance to give wealthy donors a chance to discuss between themselves and with key Democratic figures policy details and plans for future election campaigns. Recent events in global politics have made the 2016 election cycle one of the key areas of interest for George Soros as he embarks upon a future he hopes will bring the Democrat’s back to power starting in 2017 and 2018.

At the Democracy Alliance event on held in Washington D.C. George Soros revealed his belief that a grassroots movement to return the Democrat’s to power must begin with state level elections in 2017. Soros has already made a major splash by providing funding for a series of candidates for criminal justice positions in six states across the U.S. who were largely unaware of the role George Soros played in their election campaigns. In the work he has completed in 2015 and 2016 that resulted in a donation reaching $3.5 million for a range of Democratic candidates who hoped to defeat incumbent Republican prosecutors and district attorney’s.

The shock 2016 Presidential election on result came despite George Soros making his first major campaign contributions since the 2004 election battle between President George W. Bush and Democrat John Kerry; George Soros provided around $27 million in funding for the Kerry campaign over the course of the election and almost matched that with a $25 million contribution to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential bid. The hedge fund legend, who has amassed a personal fortune estimated to have reached around $25 billion, also provided funding for a series of campaigns to make sure minority voters on Forbes were given the chance to vote with their rights protected. Hispanic and African American voters were being targeted with the $5 million in funding George Soros provided for a campaign that fought to protect minority voter rights at a time when they are being threatened at greater levels than ever before.

Despite the fact Hillary Clinton did not win in her bid for the White House George Soros has not become disheartened in his political outlook and has recently cited his own life story that includes living under occupation by Nazi Germany as a major reason for his decision to fight the Administration of Donald Trump. Hedge fund legend Soros is hoping he can create a dedicated plan with other Democrat’s to make sure any attempt to dismantle the legacy of President Barrack Obama is fought from the very first day Donald Trump sets foot in the White House.

The Evolution of Eric Pulier

Evolution comes from change and if we as a people never experience change, we’ll certainly get left behind. Eric Pulier has gone through many changes throughout his life and with this change he’s able to adapt in a variety of fields. The world is bein run off advanced technology, but years from now this very technology might be obsolete. Eric Pulier is the very definition of this notion since he has a strong passion for the use of technology which translates into making society a much better place to live.

This guy has done some amazing things (via) technology. One of his first professional companies specialized in using technology to handle the demands of the ever changing healthcare and education fields. People Doing Things was that company, but Pulier continued with his journey and created a private social media platform for chronically ill children. Starbright World has a hit as it allowed these special kids to communicate with one another to share there perspectives. This not only was great for sharing stories, but it helped the kids connect much better by raising their moral. Pulier just has a way of getting things done effectively and fast. Being a technologist himself, he’s raised capital for tech start-up companies and many of those very companies have gone on to become a huge success. This love of technology was always present even when he was a child back in Teaneck, New Jersey. Pulier programmed his first computer while in the fourth grade and he started his own computer database company while in high school.

When it comes to founding, Pulier it down packed. He’s actually founded up to 15 businesses such as XPRIZE, Service Mesh Inc, Akana Software, FLY, Digital Evolution, and many more. Pulier even put together a showcase that displayed live interaction between the NASA and the Space Shuttle Astronauts. This was unheard of at the time, but Pulier’s brilliant mind used some of the most advanced technology to achieve this. As of today this loving father of four resides in the Southern California Area and who knows what this highly intelligent individual will come up with next.