Rocketship Education’s CEO Preston Smith Picked Up on a Number of Lessons Throughout the Organization’s Initial Ten Years

Rocketship Education is a line of public charter schools throughout the United States, ranging from California to Washington DC to Milwaukee. Preston Smith founded Rocketship Education ten years ago, in a small town situated on the Golden State’s Bay Area, ripe with innovation and organizational success. In Smith’s first decade of operating this thriving chain of schools, he experienced incalculable struggles that yielded educationally luxurious values – here’s just a handful of them.

Despite parents not being directly involved in the classroom, they yield invaluable input and service to their students’ educators. At Rocketship, parents interview new teaching candidates, they give feedback on their children’s instructors at least once every month, and allow teachers to visit their homes to better form custom learning outlines to each and every student.

It’s true that most public schools are exceeded in test scores, enrollment rates, and overall education provided by private schools. As private schools require families to pay tuition to enroll students, they’re inherently privy to far more resources than publicly-funded institutions are. However, it’s important for students and their respective families to exhibit pride in attending public schools, particularly those with high-quality learning experiences such as Rocketship Education.

Further, in increasing standards of take-home education public schools provide, parents should enroll their children in the most reputable schools possible, even if it means relocation. This encourages school boards to up the ante in relation to quality of education, as simply speaking out against school board members simply isn’t sufficient for causing educational quality to rise.

One of Rocketship Education’s key components to instructional success is involving parents in several aspects of administration and learning. Spread across 18 locations in the contiguous 48 states of America, every one of Rocketship’s facilities is nestled deeply in low-income areas. Charter schools, those that take in private financiers’ funding in conjunction with educational grants from government agencies, aren’t popular for providing such valuable assistance to children in areas filled with high to the brim with poverty. Part of CEO Preston Smith’s main goals is to help these students succeed by offering superb public education in socioeconomically-struggling neighborhoods.