Sam Boraie, A Man Behind New Brunswick Real Estate Development

With more than thirty years of experience developing urban property Boraie Development is a force to reckon with. The company communicates its vision and philosophy and works alongside other architects and financial institutions who share the same dream and visions with them. The company has developed several property in New Jersey with the aim of renovating the city and attracting investors to set up business and change the dynamic of the town in terms of economic progression.

Boraie Development has three vice presidents who work together to ensure that the company is steering in the right direction. Sam Boraie, a high achieving entrepreneur and humanitarian is one of the vice presidents. At Boraie Development he is in charge of using his strategic and visionary leadership style to come up with ways that can improve the company.

According to Bloomberg, some of the projects Boraie Development has been working on include The Aspire, a two hundred and thirty eight residential unit in New Brunswick. The retail property is expected to contain business units that can be used by investors and business people to develop their business and create employment for the people of New Jersey.

Sam Boraie has also led the company into a contract with Shaquelle O’Neill, the former NBA player. In the spirit of developing the communities around New Jersey, Shaquelle is in partnership with Boraie to develop a 169 unit apartment building that will be used for business and apartments. Through this efforts, the prospects hope that they will be able to change the city and help the city become an economy hub in the near future.

In addition to being a strategist, Rutgers Magazine says Sam Boraie is a philanthropist. He believes in touching the lives of his fellow men and help eradicate poverty in his community. Sam is a member of the advisory board for Elijah’s Promise. The not for profit organization works to eradicate poverty in the area by providing food to the hungry. He is also a member of board for the Boys and Girls Club, a NGO that aims at inspiring young people and pushing them ti=o make a life for themselves.

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