The idea on e-commerce is the simplification of the sale process and make it easier on the customer side, but besides the general marketing capability of the sales website to customize the possible articles (or services) that may appeal the customer, a more advanced technique has been added to greatly improve the ability to provide the desired articles to the same client at the correct moment, while shopping around, it is the usage of AI (Artificial Intelligence), but in a more detailed case, a ‘Sentient’ AI, it is like the e-commerce site having a personal assistant that can fully understand and compile the behavior, needs and trends from the customer to provide a fully ‘personalized’ result of most-desirable products (or services), in that way, the customer will feel that ‘this company truly understands me’, creating a most remarkable shopping experience.

With ‘Sentient AI’ connected to e-commerce, every shopping process will convert into a ‘discovery’ event because, besides getting customized recommendations for products and/or services that may be wanted, the system will amaze the customer by showing possibilities that may not be originally contemplated for shopping, maybe because they were not known, or because the customer may have not felt before that he/she could deserve it before, and the idea around that purchase may have not contemplated, but by now showing a possibility of grouping the product in other presentations or usage scenarios, a new sale could be created, hence increasing the revenue by improving the sales creativity level closely customized for each and every client.

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The ability of ‘Sentient AI’ on e-commerce to do a deep learning of customer navigation, purchase trends, details seen, selected or zoomed-in on every web page that is visited, is the key to create a massive database of human behaviors that can be reused and improved repeatedly as keys to make a deeply customized shopping experience.