The Philanthropic Tony Petrello And Nabor Industry Extend A Helping Hand During Hurricane Harvey

Tony Petrello is the C.E.O and the chairman of the B.O.E of Nabors Industries Limited, a leading drilling contractor in the oil and geothermal industry. He is a graduate of Yale University with 2 mathematics degrees. He later joined Harvard Law School where he undertook a Law degree.

This Philanthropist, was however hugely noticed for his commitment and Nabor Industries at large, in helping out during the 2017 Hurricane Harvey, together with H-E-B and Houston Food Bank. Nabor employees forsook their regular routines and delved in the relief effort, after the better part of the city was devastated by the Hurricane. Like the tradition of Nabor Industry led by their C.E.O, participating in fundraisers and community projects is an Indispensable part of the company, and this case was not an exception.

So Nabor employees took time off from the company’s work and rushed to different areas along the Gulf coast, where their service was called for, stated Tony Petrello. Nabor industry paid them during the time off, as a sign of appreciation for their willingness to go help. Tony also coupled the existing $173,622 company’s employee relief contribution, which they used to help out during the relief effort. This set of funds was named the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund. The company also served the affected families with three hot meals during the entire relief effort.

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Out of the 1200 employees working in Nabor Industry, 10% of them were also part of those affected by the hurricane according to However, the local crisis has never prevented the company from extending a hand to national organizations. In the past, Nabor has given donations to Bike MS, Susan G. Komen as well as providing education scholarships to their employees’ children.

Other than Tony Petrello being involved in the company’s charitable act, he and his wife, Cynthia have also individually demonstrated their philanthropy. After giving birth to daughter with Cerebral Palsy, the Perellos’ realized that there was limited understanding of some childhood brain disorders, thus treating them was a challenge. However, the team at Texas children’s hospital showed great dedication on their researches for the same, something that pushed the Petrellos’ to make a $7 million donation which helped the hospital set up a pediatric neurological research institute, making it the first such institute in the world.

Tony’s generosity saw him make a $150,000 endowment donation during his mentor’s, Professor Serge Lang, memorial ceremony. Other alumni say that his generosity is contagious, and always made other people want to give more. He has always made donations to several Houston charities, something he evidently love.

Though Nabor company’s growth has seen it acquire Tesco, Tony says that charitable donations have to grow as well.