Urban Decay

Our urban centers in this country continue to show signs of being in both moral and ethical decline, and the shooting of a pizza delivery man in a New Brunswick, New Jersey, housing complex, called The Quincy, might just be the one of the best examples of this urban decay. This turn-of-events seems to be a bit of a setup as the pizza delivery man arrived, pizza in-hand, to an address where the resident said they had not ordered anything. Moments later, on his way back to his car, he was attacked by 4 men who proceeded to beat him, took the pizza, stole his wallet, and then as if all of that was not enough, they shot him. Witnesses said they took off in a minivan, but lucky for this pizza delivery person, not all criminals are smart. The local police were able to use cell phone pings to track down the perpetrators.


New Brunswick had another unfortunate event occur at The Quincy apartment complex in October 2015, and again guns were involved. This time residents reported hearing 3 or 4 gunshots, and the local police were able to confirm that these shots were no mistake as the injured party turned up in the emergency room of a local hospital with a non-life threatening gunshot wound. The details of the suspect were minimal at best, with the injured party simply stating they were wearing a “hoodie.” The only other slight lead in the case is that upon investigation in daylight the next day at The Quincy, some bullet casings were found.


The case of the pizza delivery man attack was solved, however the October 7, 2015 shooting at The Quincy has gone unsolved. Housing complexes in this country are unfortunately a haven for a lot of underhanded activity as socioeconomics have turned them into low-income housing over the years, and The Quincy is no exception.