Life Line Screening Helps To Save Lives

Lifeline Screening is a privately operated for-profit company which partners with hospitals and surgical centers to promote public screening days. If Lifeline screenings sees a questionable issue the patients are referred to the hospital for follow-up testing and care. As a prevention and wellness company, Lifeline Screening was founded in 1993 and runs community based health care screening services all across the United States. There is no advanced symptom for strokes or cardiovascular problems or even with regularly scheduled exams, doctors can not always detect issues.

Also, the American Heart Association reports that strokes and heart disease are the major causes of death in the U.S., in both men and women. However, the ultrasound equipment used by Lifeline can detect risks within the arteries and their blood flow to prevent a heart attack or a stroke. The Lifeline Screening Company has provided preventive care which helps to save many lives. Lifeline Screening has received the reputation of the Nation’s leading preventive wellness service provider.

Lifeline uses the latest technology to provide hospital quality preventive screenings which certified physicians review for your results to be given to your personal doctor. Lifeline has screened individuals at many health fairs throughout the U.S. Lifeline has also appeared at locations like the malls, community centers, schools, senior citizen centers, and churches for more than 8 million U.S. residents. In less than an hour, people receive a non-invasive and pain-free screening that could help save your life. The heart disease, strokes, and osteoporosis screening results have been discovered in about 10% of the people they test.

The medical director of Lifeline Screening, Dr. Andy Manganaro stated that the tests conducted by the company’s professionals have helped to save many lives. Dr. Manganaro who is a vascular surgeon for over 30 years, stated that there have been to many people on his surgical table or who were brought to a hospital’s emergency room that could have been helped with Lifeline Screening preventative tests. With minimal costs, a person can receive 3 to 4 different screening tests which is far less expensive than insurance companies and doctor offices charge. Lifeline Screening continues to provide affordable and reliable preventive health screenings that are staffed by highly qualified and experienced healthcare professionals

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The idea on e-commerce is the simplification of the sale process and make it easier on the customer side, but besides the general marketing capability of the sales website to customize the possible articles (or services) that may appeal the customer, a more advanced technique has been added to greatly improve the ability to provide the desired articles to the same client at the correct moment, while shopping around, it is the usage of AI (Artificial Intelligence), but in a more detailed case, a ‘Sentient’ AI, it is like the e-commerce site having a personal assistant that can fully understand and compile the behavior, needs and trends from the customer to provide a fully ‘personalized’ result of most-desirable products (or services), in that way, the customer will feel that ‘this company truly understands me’, creating a most remarkable shopping experience.

With ‘Sentient AI’ connected to e-commerce, every shopping process will convert into a ‘discovery’ event because, besides getting customized recommendations for products and/or services that may be wanted, the system will amaze the customer by showing possibilities that may not be originally contemplated for shopping, maybe because they were not known, or because the customer may have not felt before that he/she could deserve it before, and the idea around that purchase may have not contemplated, but by now showing a possibility of grouping the product in other presentations or usage scenarios, a new sale could be created, hence increasing the revenue by improving the sales creativity level closely customized for each and every client.

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The ability of ‘Sentient AI’ on e-commerce to do a deep learning of customer navigation, purchase trends, details seen, selected or zoomed-in on every web page that is visited, is the key to create a massive database of human behaviors that can be reused and improved repeatedly as keys to make a deeply customized shopping experience.

The Philanthropic Tony Petrello And Nabor Industry Extend A Helping Hand During Hurricane Harvey

Tony Petrello is the C.E.O and the chairman of the B.O.E of Nabors Industries Limited, a leading drilling contractor in the oil and geothermal industry. He is a graduate of Yale University with 2 mathematics degrees. He later joined Harvard Law School where he undertook a Law degree.

This Philanthropist, was however hugely noticed for his commitment and Nabor Industries at large, in helping out during the 2017 Hurricane Harvey, together with H-E-B and Houston Food Bank. Nabor employees forsook their regular routines and delved in the relief effort, after the better part of the city was devastated by the Hurricane. Like the tradition of Nabor Industry led by their C.E.O, participating in fundraisers and community projects is an Indispensable part of the company, and this case was not an exception.

So Nabor employees took time off from the company’s work and rushed to different areas along the Gulf coast, where their service was called for, stated Tony Petrello. Nabor industry paid them during the time off, as a sign of appreciation for their willingness to go help. Tony also coupled the existing $173,622 company’s employee relief contribution, which they used to help out during the relief effort. This set of funds was named the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund. The company also served the affected families with three hot meals during the entire relief effort.

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Out of the 1200 employees working in Nabor Industry, 10% of them were also part of those affected by the hurricane according to However, the local crisis has never prevented the company from extending a hand to national organizations. In the past, Nabor has given donations to Bike MS, Susan G. Komen as well as providing education scholarships to their employees’ children.

Other than Tony Petrello being involved in the company’s charitable act, he and his wife, Cynthia have also individually demonstrated their philanthropy. After giving birth to daughter with Cerebral Palsy, the Perellos’ realized that there was limited understanding of some childhood brain disorders, thus treating them was a challenge. However, the team at Texas children’s hospital showed great dedication on their researches for the same, something that pushed the Petrellos’ to make a $7 million donation which helped the hospital set up a pediatric neurological research institute, making it the first such institute in the world.

Tony’s generosity saw him make a $150,000 endowment donation during his mentor’s, Professor Serge Lang, memorial ceremony. Other alumni say that his generosity is contagious, and always made other people want to give more. He has always made donations to several Houston charities, something he evidently love.

Though Nabor company’s growth has seen it acquire Tesco, Tony says that charitable donations have to grow as well.


Securus Technologies Remarkable Services to Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for investigation and public safety. The firm develops a new product once a week that can be used by law enforcers in solving crimes. This report was issued by the chairman of the company, Rick Smith. The chairman also said that they receive several letters and emails in response to their products and services and how the services offered by the firm help in keeping the society safe for individuals and families. According to Rick Smith, providing safety is in the DNA of Securus Technologies and it is an honor for them to protect and serve the society.


One client states that they are impressed with the vision of Securus Technologies. The assessments and developments of Securus Technologies will help their investigators to improve the jail security system. According to the client, the reporting data has enhanced the proactive measures of monitoring and stopping all incidences of contraband. The investigative tool is useful in conducting investigations whenever there is a complaint of harassment in the community.


Another client states that they recognize the LBS software of Securus Technologies. The LBS has enabled the sheriff’s department to recover millions of cash, assets, and drugs which could have been very difficult to achieve without the software.


Securus Technologies is a company that is based in Dallas, Texas, and provides technology services to correctional facilities. Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and its regional office was then based in Texas, Allen. The company has grown over time, and today it has more than one thousand employees and is serving an estimate of two thousand six hundred correctional facilities in America. Securus Technologies introduced a system to control contraband cell phones to help officers in solving inmates crimes and preventing crimes in the society. It also offers access solutions. In 2016, they secured a partnership with Harris Corporation to provide the Cell Defender Technology.


Stress Free Christmas With Twenty Three Layers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. However, in many cases, it is more stressful than wonderful. For one thing, people have to do a lot of shopping for their friends and family. In many cases, they have more gifts to get and a very limited amount of money to get them with. Therefore, they have to figure out something within their budget. There is an idea that can make everything better. Instead of buying gifts, people can set up events. However, that in and of itself could be stressful. Therefore, if one is thinking about an event, he may want to allow at least a week ahead of the event.


With the idea for an event, the host may also want to delegate the work he has to do to others. He can find corporate event planners in New York such as Twenty Three Layers who have experience with all types of events ranging from the simplest small time events to the largest and most elaborate events. Of all of the event planning companies in NYC, Twenty Three Layers is among the most reliable. The professionals are very passionate about the type of work they do.


While the professionals may have their own vision of what could work for the host, they are willing to accept input from the host on what he wants. The most important goal to achieve is to put together an event that captures the spirit of the occasion. In the case of Christmas events, the best thing to do is to reduce stress as much as possible. Twenty Three Layers can handle all of the execution and even some of the planning when it comes to the events so that the host can relax and prepare some of the other important parts of the event.

OSI Industries & Its Many Food Supplying Services

When you think of food suppliers, what names tend to come to mind? Like most people, these names are somewhat unrecognizable because they operate outside of the public’s view. When it comes to restaurants, schools and other retailors, these organizations receive food solutions from actual food suppliers. One of the top custom food suppliers in the world comes from OSI Industries, and this organization produces some of the highest of quality products. Better known as OSI Group, OSI Industries specializes in the development, the processing, the distribution and the management of concept-to-table food products. The organization has been around since 1909, and it was founded by a German immigrant.

As of today, OSI Industries is at the pinnacle of the industry thanks to its wide variety of services. No other food supplier can duplicate what this organization has done, especially on a consistent basis. When working with this organization, the client implements its food product specifications. This is vital, especially if the client wants a unique type of product. To meet the demands, OSI Industries uses a global network of innovative facilities to turn these ideas into dreams. Under this huge umbrella if success, there are up to 65 state-of-the-art facilities that stretch across 17 different countries. This is strictly global dominance in a sense. The organization’s leading edge thinking capabilities is what sets itself apart from the competitors as it can address the complex of challenges. Expertise, real-world food knowledge and passion goes into every product and OSI has a long list of satisfied customers to back up all claims.

Just what does OSI Industries produce? The answer is rather simple. Pork, beef, seafood, pizza, poultry and baked goods are all on the menu. To be more specific, this organization can produce and distribute a wide range of food solutions, which includes:

• Chicken Fried Steak
• Tofu
• Chicken Nuggets
• Meatballs
• Cookies
• Fresh Dough
• Sausage Links
• Pulled Pork
• Pot Roast
• Veggies
• Flatbread
• And many others

This is 21st century concept-to-table solutions at its finest. OSI Industries is at the top of the food chain, no pun intended.

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Betsy DeVos Continues Her Mission On Education

Newly-elected Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was widely known for her philanthropy long before she was elected as part of Donald Trump’s administration.


Although she is a billionaire and Republican party donor, she firmly believes that all children should receive a good education regardless of race, religion or socioeconomic status. DeVos and her husband, Dick, son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos and current CEO of Windcrest Group, run a foundation to help children receive a better education.


DeVos and her family’s philanthropy goes back decades. The pour millions of dollars into worthy causes both locally and nationally. She and her husband have helped fund several Republican campaigns. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has a long record of promoting school choice and the voucher program in Michigan. She has also founded a number of educational initiatives, including The 74, an educational news website that is also supported by journalist Campbell Brown.


The Calvin College graduate has always been politically active and on the forefront of supporting education. Her foundation’s giving has gone beyond education, with donations to healthcare, the arts and many gentrification initiatives within the state.


Before being selected as Secretary of State, DeVos served as chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party. She and her husband gave financially to the George W. Bush campaign and, she also traveled to other states on behalf of other Republican candidates. She is using her platform as Secretary of Education to promote school equity. She regularly visits schools around the nation and still promotes school choice.


DeVos ran the 2006 campaign for her husband, Dick, who ran to unseat incumbent Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. Although he eventually lost, DeVos’ became a household name for her efforts. When Donald Trump was elected, DeVos’ name was the first name to be submitted when fielding candidates for the Secretary of Education position.


DeVos says she is thrilled to serve in the Trump Administration and wants more than anything to make education great again. DeVos says poor and underprivileged children have far too often simply been forgotten or fall through the cracks. “I aim to change that.”


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Is Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi A Horatio Alger Character Or globalism Incarnate?

It is rare that we hear, today, of anyone transcending class. Although the American mythos relies heavily on the idea that any coal miner’s daughter can one day become CEO of the largest firm, the reality is that such cases are vanishingly rare. It is, therefore, quite remarkable and inspiring when we actually see real life cases of people who have utterly transcended their class roots, becoming incarnate versions of the American Dream.

But this dream, of course, is not just limited to America. Everywhere across the globe, smart people cling to the notion that they, too, may someday be able to reach the heights of power, through sheer determination and hard work. The truth is that, in today’s globalized world, the castes of societies across the planet are growing ever more rigid and impenetrable, making it ever more difficult for any person to actually make the mythical journey from rags to riches.

But the idea that such a transformation is possible is still heavily marketed. This is not in small part due to the fact that, like the dreamer who convinces himself that the lottery tickets he buys will someday, somehow pay off, the intelligent and the productive likewise have internal narratives that they tell themselves to justify the significant portions of their lives that they put in at dreary and menial jobs. Without the hope that they, too, may someday be CEO of the widget factory where they work, the grinding sense of ennui may overwhelm them and cause them to turn off and drop out of the global workforce.

It is, therefore, necessary for the powers that be to remind the worker drone class of the real possibility of ascension of the highest ranks of society, no matter how lowly the worker of meaningless the job. But so often, we see, upon closer inspection, that the rags-to-riches stories offered often involve exceptions that prove the rule, that rule being that modern globalist castes are largely permanent and inviolable.

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Trabuco crosses the bridge then promptly burns it down

In land warfare, the burning of bridges is a stalwart and effective tactic. A retreating army has no greater ally than a bridge that it can use then promptly deny its use to its enemy. However, when this tactic starts being applied to the economies of nations, the results can be disastrous.

According to, Trabuco himself was able to take advantage of a number of circumstances that were once highly beneficial to the lower middle class. First, he was hired on as an 18 year old kid with nothing more than a high school diploma. Second, he was consistently promoted up the ranks, hired again and again by his superiors, eventually reaching executive-level posts. Third, he was able to get his employer to work around his college schedule in University of Sao Paolo and even pay for some of the courses, which eventually resulted in his ability to complete an advanced degree.

Yet as a high-level executive, Trabuco quickly moved to permanently reverse these opportunities for all future employees at Bradesco. He began professionalizing human resources, requiring college degrees even for entry-level positions or heavily favoring those candidates that had them.

He also completely scrapped the old Bradesco policy of recruiting from within the firm. Under Trabuco’s watch, almost all of the upper management staff that Bradesco has recruited have been from outside the firm, a move that has not set well with the bank’s loyal employees.

In short, as a result of the changes Trabuco has made, most of which are textbook moves of the die-hard globalist, Trabuco has made it essentially impossible for someone in the same position he was in when he was 18 to even get an interview, much less be promoted up the ranks.

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Justice Prevailed for Protecting Freedom of Speech Resulting in Lacey and Larkin Foundation

While there are many journalists who go about their duties without any provocation, on October 18, 2007 Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin faced a completely different experience. That was the day that not only caused a great amount of fear for their professional lives as journalists, but also as Americans for their freedom of speech. After being violently removed from their Phoenix homes, the two were handcuffed and arrested on the orders of then Sheriff Joe Arpaio which was carried out by the Selective Enforcement Unit.


Michael and Jim were transported to separate county jails- both jails were under the authority of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. It was at that time the two Village Voice Media executives began to understand the underlying intent of the order, and the reason for their undeniable illegal arrest. During the justified reporting by the Phoenix News Times of Sheriff Arpaio’s mishandling and mistreatment of immigrants within Arizona, the Sheriff became increasingly outraged by the newspaper. The newspaper uncovered rampant abuse, deaths of inmates, racial profiling, and the alleged unconstitutional detaining of Latino’s within Arizona; all under the direction of Arpaio. Additionally, the newspaper reported documented proof of financial irregularities and extensive mismanagement by the Sheriff’s office.


The arrest of Michael and Jim came at a time when the Phoenix News Times had just released a cover story outlining the details of how the Sheriff’s department, and its allies within the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, used intimidation tactics by issuing a grand jury subpoena requesting details about the newspaper’s reporters, editors and readers, even including the browsing history and IP addresses of readers. Rather than succumb to the illegal tactics, Michael and Jim stood by their freedom of speech rights and continued to write about the failings within the Sheriff’s department.


The Phoenix communities became outraged by the arrests of the two highly-respected journalists and within 24 hours they were both released from county jail and all charges were immediately dropped. Michael and Jim decided to fight the Maricopa County for their First Amendment rights. The case ultimately reached the Nineth Court of Appeals in 2012. Subsequently, the court determined that the actions taken by Maricopa County and Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office amounted to a “direct assault” on their First Amendment rights.


In 2013, Michael and Jim reached a settlement of $3.75 million with Maricopa County and used the funds to found the Lacey and Larkin Foundation.Front

Fabletics as the Brand with the Power of the Crowd

There are specific aspects that consumers look for before purchasing something especially, online. Those elements like the reviews from the group do matter. It is what draws them to the product. One such brand that has moved the market and is doing its e-commerce well is Fabletics. It is an American online subscription merchandiser, which sells lady’s sportswear and accessories also known as athleisure. Being best known for their e-commerce business, they offer its members a wide range of outfits about client’s preferences no matter the size.

Fabletics got officially launched on October 1, 2013, with its founders Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson overseeing its success step by step. Later in June 2015, they went to another level where they extended the business to cover men’s active wear line.

Having known what Fabletics is all about, it is paramount to comprehend what makes it stand out among other brands and that is embracing the user reviews. Call it the review-centric marketing strategies. Here, consumer reviews directly drive three things. They are improved customer acquisition, enhanced loyalty, and client retention for brands across all industries.

Then, how is Fabletics leveraging the power of the crowd? For them, it is imperative to trust consumer reviews. Users mean a lot to digital lives so, because of this they conduct extensive research before purchasing something, therefore; if one suggests something to be corrected they put it into consideration. That is what Fabletics has embraced, and it is indeed working. They trust in clients reviews, respond to them, and as a result, more positive reviews are yielded leading to the acquisition of more customers. As they believe, for them to leverage the power of the crowd, they go with the mantra that terrible reviews yield high revenue or power. With that, they have become conquerors.

Kate Hudson is one of the founders of this brand; she also has contributed a lot towards propelling the success of Fabletics. For her, the passion she had on this business to venture was the fundamental drive towards working so hard to see her dreams in Fabletics come true. According to her, the brand is doing so well because they accommodate everyone not only regarding affordable cost but also in the sense of different sizes. So, for her, athleisure is winning because of its uniqueness and how they relate to the client’s needs.

Fabletics stand for something amazing, and that is encouraging people out there especially women to go beyond their comfort zones, do something to make them feel better in their skin. Regardless of age, the company has something for everyone. Clearly, from all that has been mentioned, it is evident why this brand is the preferred one. Also, why it has taken the market by a storm, and it is evidently not going to disappear anytime soon.

Ordering a Fabletics gear is not hard. Only go online to their website or social media pages. Also, before you order directly take the lifestyle quiz to be in a position to quickly identify what catches your interest.